By Carolyn Caranci

1.)   Other than a marriage license a wedding also needs other written forms of paper such as invitations. Invitations are critical in conveying a unified message to all of you wedding guests that a wedding is being announced and celebrated. It will give the who, what and where aspect and will set the mood or theme for your big day. You should look for a company that has years of experience with dealing with different types and styles of wedding, as well as proper wedding etiquette.

2.)   Make sure you choose a reputable ceremony and reception site that can accommodate you number of guests, ask for references and ask questions regarding the costs of plates for children, vendors and other policies and procedures they practice. You don’t want to be negatively surprised on your wedding day.

3.)   A wedding cake or cupcakes etc to celebrate the unity of the two of you. Something memorable to take pictures of you two cutting or eating. It can be a cake that is real, fake or a bit of both. If real it can be frozen for up to a year if done properly and the two of you can eat it again on your first wedding anniversary. How memorable!

4.)   Transportation that is realizable and reputable is a must for a wedding. Make sure you cover not only dropping off at ceremony sites and venues but as well as pickups later in the evening. A reputable vendor will ensure all of your questions and scenarios and handled correctly and professionally.

5.)   Flowers and other decorations set the theme and mood for the perfect day. This may be a large expense if not properly planned out. Have enough flower arrangements to compliment your day. Consider which flowers are in season during the time your wedding will take place so that you can choose a lot of beautiful flowers, while not paying extra for ones that are not in season.

6.)   This vendor is extremely important and will be entertaining your guests throughout the evening. Make sure that you a diligent when choosing a DJ or Band for your wedding. Visit the vendor while performing at another occasion to see how they interact and entertain guests. Ask for references, how long their company has been in business, how many years of experience will the DJ or band that will be playing your wedding have? No reputable company will have a problem ensuring all of your questions and concerns are met.

7.)   It is a fact that people love to receive gifts, why would your guests be any different. A nice gift or token of appreciation should be given out as a thank you to your guests to make your wedding even more memorable for years to come.

8.)   The brides and grooms attire is very important as you will most likely be wearing it for the whole day. It should be comfortable as much as it is beautiful. It should be custom and tailored to your tastes size and style. Make sure you ask the store where the attire is purchased for all upfront and additional charges or costs that may come with the dress/ suit.

9.)   The choices of this next vendor will impact on how you see your wedding for years to come. Photography and Videography are crucial if you want to preserve your wedding day for generations to come. Find out if they are a reputable company, how professional do they seem? Can they show you some of their recent work and different styles of work. Are their prices comparable to the industries? Most importantly do they accommodate the bride and groom and choices they may choose that are different then their everyday packages.

10.) Last but not least every wedding needs to have fun! Truly enjoy yourselves and take in every moment. Have fun, dance, laugh, take pictures, take to your guests that have come to witness this very special day. A lot of the brides I work with worry about the little things during their wedding. This is the wrong approach. If the bride and groom do not look like they are enjoying themselves, neither will any of the wedding guests! Remember this day will come and go and only you can determine how it will be remembered! I hope your wedding day leaves you tickled with happiness for years to come!